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"Taking a trip to the Holy Land was a bucket list goal for me.  I accomplished that goal by going on a trip with CHLS.  However, the trip was so amazing my goal became much bigger.  I plan to go back annually and take as many people with me as I can.  Thank you CHLS for facilitating such a great trip and allowing me to walk in the footsteps of Jesus.  I’ll never be the same!"

Bobby Hawk

Lead Pastor - EPIC Church

I recently completed my third trip to Israel. Sixty-Five New Yorkers learned about and experienced first-hand the Land of the Bible. Having gone twice with the Center for Holy Land Studies I can tell you no other tour comes close to the depth, personal attention and care given by CHLS. They treat you like family because you are. You will do more than see the sights; you will get the depth, background and application to Scripture that will make you want to dig even deeper into God's Word. If you have been to Israel with another tour group, you need to go again with CHLS. If you have never gone, what are you waiting for? Go with the Center for Holy Land Studies! They are THE BEST!

Dr. Duane P. Durst


New York Ministry Network AG 

NE Non-Resident Executive Presbyter

Comprehensive Tours

Tour prices cover almost all costs, including flights*, accommodations, food, and tips. Only costs not provided are lunches and souvenirs. 

*Cost with airfare - from provided departure location.

Biblical Accuracy

Tours are hosted by a highly qualified tour guide, a Bible Teacher or ministry leader; bringing the Bible to life right before your eyes as you visit authentic historical sites and explore them through Culture, History, Land, and Spirit.

CHLS-Hosted Trips

Whether you’re planning a trip for a small group or just for yourself, joining a scheduled trip is the option for you.  Each trip is tailored to provide a unique perspective on the biblical and historical stories you’ll explore.

Custom Trips

For groups of 30 or more, you have the option of customizing your trip!  Each of these trips is designed by working with the CHLS team to tailor the itinerary needs of your group or church.


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Stephen Harris    

AG District Superintendent

"I have been twice to Israel with CHLS and both were great trips.  Even though I graduated Bible College and have been in the ministry for 45 years, the study trips to Israel gave me a greater understanding of the history and geography of the Bible lands. It helped me to understand so much better what I read every day in the Word of God.  I am definitely planning to go again and take our district family."

Scott Wilson

Author & Pastor

"The experience I had with CHLS was absolutely amazing. I have been to Israel on three trips. The one with CHLS was so superior to the other two that I would never want to take a group back without planning it through them. The trip had a profound spiritual impact on me as a pastor and on the people of our church." 

Steven Milazzo

Lead Pastor & Network Founder

"I have always dreamed of visiting Israel but little did i know that God would bless me with being able to take my first trip with the Center for Holy Land Studies. CHLS made everything about my trip rewarding, every part of the trip was done with precision, safety and professionalism. I look forward to many more trips with the Center for Holy Lands Studies."

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