the last week of jesus

he is risen!

Family is the core of God’s creation. We at CHLS invite you and your family to join us to celebrate this Easter season! Whether you are currently by yourself or in a home with eight children, let’s gather TOGETHER digitally to focus on the “Last Week of Jesus and Easter”!

We created this resource for you to learn, grow, and participate in the events of the last week of Jesus' life. Our prayer is that as you participate, you will understand better the events of the Easter season and draw closer to God. You will find content to help you through each day of the week; Monday, April 6 - Sunday, April 12. 

Join our CHLS Staff, Travis Skavhaug, Media;  Jeremy Stein, Educational Development; Amy Flattery, Director of the CHLS, and Trina Russell, Programs and Projects, as we daily explore the Last Week of Jesus. 


How it Works:


1. Watch each video on its designated day.

  • Videos are available on this page.

  • Videos will be posted daily on our social media accounts, Facebook and Instagram,

      and permanently on the CHLS YouTube page.

  • Videos will be posted each afternoon on social media so you can interact and dialogue with the CHLS staff and other viewers.


2. Prepare for the Passover Seder.

  • Read Exodus 12-13.

  • Read the Passover Haggadah for instructions and a supplies list of items needed to celebrate this meal with us.

  • A video of the meal will be posted to Facebook on Thursday, April 9th at 7 PM Central Time. You can join us while you eat or watch the video at another time.


Materials Supplied:


  • A Messianic Passover Seder video for Day 4. You will be able to interact with the CHLS family live on Facebook on April 9th at 7pm (Central Time).


  • A Messianic Passover Haggadah reading to assist you with celebrating the meal in your own home. This also includes a list of items needed for you to participate in the meal.


  • Seder Description answering the following questions:

    • What is a Seder?

    • What are the elements?

    • Why would we do this and what can we learn from it as Christians?


  • Six 10-15 minute videos that address each day in last week of Jesus. This will begin on April 6th. NOTE: The videos were filmed prior to stay-at-home orders from our federal and local authorities.


  • A brief synopsis of each video and a "For You to Consider" section for each day for adults and children.  

the last week of jesus

- Day 1 -

Jesus and the money changers

Join our CHLS Staff, Travis, Jeremy, Amy, and Trina as we daily explore the Last Week of Jesus.


In the week following Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem, Jesus and his followers were daily in the Temple where Jesus taught (Luke 21:37). On one of these occasions, Jesus witnessed the acts of those who controlled the Temple. The Sadducean High Priests were defrauding the common people, using the sacrificial system and money they gained from it to their financial advantage. Jesus, in zealous anger, drove out those responsible (Matthew 21:12-17; Mark 11:15-19; Luke 19:45-48). This act made Jesus a target to the Sadducean leaders, as he was lessening their income.


For You to Consider: 
Jesus turns the tables of the money changers for a reason! It seems that power and money poisoned the hearts of the leaders. Do you check your heart and spirit daily to be sure that your life is not overtaken by corrupt behaviors?  These behaviors are sneaky and sly, but daily focus and relationship with God is strengthening and empowering!

- Day 2 -

Jesus on the mount of olives

Join our CHLS Staff, Travis, Jeremy, Amy, and Trina as we daily explore the Last Week of Jesus.


During the Final week, prior to Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection, he spoke to his followers upon the Mount of Olives and overlooking the city of Jerusalem (Matthew 24-25, Mark 13, Luke 21). Jesus spoke of the impending doom that would come to Jerusalem, an event that took place only a mere 40 years later, during the days of the Great Jewish Revolt in AD 70.


For You to Consider:
I love how Jesus in His teachings spoke about and lived out the “things” that “make for peace.” What do you notice about the life of Jesus, his faith, behaviors, and actions, that you can learn from and incorporate into your daily life?

- Day 3 -

jesus is anointed

Join our CHLS Staff, Travis, Jeremy, Amy, and Trina as we daily explore the Last Week of Jesus.


Bethany was a small village located on the outskirts of Jerusalem. While there, at a banquet held in his honor, Jesus was anointed by Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus. She used a large vessel of pure nard, one of the most expensive substances of the ancient world. Jesus used this event to tell his followers of his soon and coming death (Matthew 26, Mark 14, John 12).


For You to Consider:
Either individually, or as a family – are you giving your all to God? If not, what is one way that you can incorporate the actions of Mary into your life? This is a question born not out of guilt or servitude, but to have and even stronger and more loving relationship with our Father. Write a few things down. Set some goals!

- Day 4 -

celebrate the messianic passover seder meal

Join our CHLS Staff, Travis, Jeremy, Amy, and Trina as we daily explore the Last Week of Jesus.


On the eve of Jesus' crucifixion, Jesus shares one final meal with the 12 disciples closest to him, but not just any meal, the Passover meal, the most highly prolific meal of the entire Jewish calendar (Matthew 26:17-30, Mark 14:12-26, Luke 22:7-39). While Jesus used this opportunity to speak of the impending events that would transpire the following day, the next three days, the next forty days, and until the end of days, he set apart one of the sacraments of the church, “Communion” or the “Lord Supper”, the importance of which Paul passed on in 1 Corinthians 11:23-26.

For You to Consider:
What did you learn while participating in or interacting with the Passover Seder? Were there certain aspects that captured your attention? If so, why?

- Day 5 -

the crucifixion of jesus

Join our CHLS Staff, Travis, Jeremy, Amy, and Trina as we daily explore the Last Week of Jesus.


On the Friday of Passover, Jesus was crucified upon a Roman cross. This took place after a "trial" that was illegal by both Jewish and Roman standards. Although the death of Jesus was relatively quick for the act of crucifixion, the brutal suffering inflicted upon his body served as the catalyst for a greater understanding of “the suffering servant” of Isaiah 53. Following his death, his body was hastily thrown into a new cut tomb as the Sabbath was quickly approaching. His followers planned to return and open the tomb after Sabbath to properly anoint his body for burial. This was an act, that unbeknownst to them was unnecessary.


For You to Consider:
There are so many questions to consider when we talk about the death of Jesus. Who killed Jesus? Why did they do it and why did they do it at night? Why did they hurry to lay Jesus in the tomb? Why did Jesus stay, and decide not to choose the route of escape? We can learn a lot in the response of Jesus and his decision to face the cross. How do YOU respond in painful, scary, and difficult situations? Our instinct is to RUN; however, if we daily and actively strengthen our relationship with God…that relationship can and will sustain us in times of crisis!!!

- Day 6 -

the day after

Join our CHLS Staff, Travis, Jeremy, Amy, and Trina as we daily explore the Last Week of Jesus.


On the day following the death of Jesus, those who followed Him, not only from the Galilee but from all throughout the land, were gathered in Jerusalem and found themselves in a position of grief. Though they focused devotedly on the master’s teachings, they were yet to truly understand the events that would transpire over the next 24 hours. Instead, they were facing the daunting question, “what now?".


For You to Consider:
What do you do when you feel hopeless and ask the question “what now?”  Do your faith and past experiences with God help you in those situations? Do you have a relationship with God that will sustain you in the inevitable difficult and seemingly hopeless situations? Write down ways that you can maintain your joy.

- Day 7 -

the resurrection

Join our CHLS Staff, Travis, Jeremy, Amy, and Trina as we daily explore the Last Week of Jesus.


HE ROSE! Jesus conquered death. What was the reaction of the women, the disciples, and the chief priests? What impact has it had on our world? Log-in to your pastor's sermon and celebrate an Easter online with your church family!


For you to consider:

Oh, what a morning it was! We see the many varied reactions from the women as they got to the tomb, the disciples and the Chief Priests when they learned the news. Take a step back and put yourself in their shoes. Would you have believed and would you have chosen to share the good news to those around you? Jesus conquered death so we can have an everlasting relationship with our Father in Heaven! Today, what we are called to, as his current-day disciples, is to share that news to “the ends of the earth.”  And, what wonderful news it is!!!

Last Week of Jesus

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