Center for Holy Lands Studies Turns 10 Years Old!

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Though we do not know where our lives will take us, we do know that walking in faithful, trusting obedience to God's commands will open doors that no one can close!

Ten years ago, the Center for Holy Lands Studies formed under the leadership of the Assemblies of God through the vision of Dr. George O. Wood, who has a heart for in-depth biblical education. Ten years later, Superintendent Doug Clay continues with a core value of Biblical Engagement. The open door to CHLS has proved to be a fruitful endeavor!

Over the years, CHLS has and continues to support the values of the Assemblies of God leadership and constituents by using the lands of the Bible to enhance biblical education in a physical and spiritual environment. CHLS accomplishes this through discipleship and deep biblical teaching.

In the past, and moving forward, the heart of CHLS is intentional transformation! We pray that every person who travels with us will understand that the lands of the Bible display a rich tapestry of material, masterfully woven together. The hands-on study of the scriptures in the environment where they took place impacts all the senses! The Culture, History, Land, and Spiritual climate of the time-period create a powerful image of what the biblical text says, what was meant by what was said so long ago, and how we can apply the lessons daily life.

To date, CHLS has been privileged to:

• Take more than 4,600 people to the lands of the Bible (Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Greece, and Italy).

• Take 700 students on extended education programs to Israel, Jordan, Greece, Turkey, and Italy.

• Invest in pastors and leaders through study in the lands of the Bible.

• Invest in the layperson intent on discipleship and making disciples.

• Invest in the crowning excavations of El Araj – now considered the likely location of ancient Bethsaida.

• Invest in, and continue to dig in the excavations of ancient Shiloh.

• Garner a fantastic assortment of brilliant CHLS teachers and guides.

Most importantly, through obedience and prayer, the direction of CHLS and its staff is led by God. Our goal is to live what we teach. To "obey the law of the Lord and to do it," knowing that God can and will direct each step as we endeavor to teach, train, and love those who are created in His image – realizing that there are none who should perish.

CHLS teachers, having devoted many years of graduate studies to the study of scriptures, travel with our participants to be sure they glean every drop from the biblical text and the land it reflects. CHLS understands this is a priceless experience that will transform lives. Participants relive the memories every time they open the scriptures. We know participants are investing in their relationship with God, so they can further invest in those around them.

The prayer for the coming years is that CHLS will continue to progress in obedience with an expansive vision to train all who have a desire to experience God in the Lands of the Bible. CHLS wants another 5,000 participants who will return home from the lands of the Bible different than when they left! CHLS want those who have learned what it is to live in obedience, trust, and hope to pour into the lives of those around them! As CHLS continues to develop new and exciting tour possibilities, find a tour that is the best fit for your faith journey by visiting our website today!

The Bible is a powerful truth. It is our authoritative guide. Its reach is limitless if we choose to walk its teachings out in our lives.

Hear from one of our recent participants whose life-walk was changed on a trip with the Center for Holy Lands Studies:

Hello, my name is Luis Murillo, and I am a student at the S.E.U. Ocala Florida extension site for Southeastern University. One of the most incredible things that occurred on my Bible Lands trip was instead of taking lectures in a classroom and then going sightseeing, most of the lectures were given onsite! God has shown up strong this year because I received my AA in Ministerial Leadership, and I am in my senior year now to earn my Bachelor's degree! I loved walking the hillsides and valleys throughout Israel. The experiences that took place while in Israel will be processed throughout my lifetime. As I read and listen to the word of God now, it comes alive in a way that I never imagined possible. At CHLS, the teachers, guides, and professors that lead us are at the top of their game when it comes to this journey through the Holy Land.
Make no mistake. This is NOT schooling. This is NOT a tour. This is an adventurous, one of a kind journey that will forever change your life.

For information about CHLS, email info@holylandsstudies.org or call 1-885-700-CHLS (2457).

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