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Through this 12-session video and study series, you will explore the New Testament time-period to understand more about the world of the disciples and the Early Church. You will encounter the challenges, beliefs, and drive of those who gave their lives to obey the command of Jesus. You will gain even more tools to help spread the gospel to all people, everywhere!


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Discover how these intriguing lands, the Bible, and ancient and modern day cultures all blend together. Whether it's your first trip or one of many, these guides will deepen your understanding of Israel, Greece, Turkey, and Italy and their rich heritage through in-depth descriptions of dozens of sites.

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In our 10 years of bringing people to the lands of the Bible, we have developed personal and trusted relationships with local business owners in and around Jerusalem. Below you will find links to online shopping for high-quality products, Christian owned and family-operated businesses, and with competitive pricing on similar products found in other shops in the area.


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